Websites have become ingrained in lives and the field of web development is growing at a rapid pace. Even though the field presents ample opportunities it is important for developers to keep themselves abreast of the latest trends.

Smartphones have ushered in a new era, wherein everyone continuously keeps accessing websites for shopping, paying bills, banking or watching news. 2017 is definitely going to be a great year for the field of web development. In this blog let us have a look into the top 10 emerging trends that are going to make a huge difference in web development.

Increase in GIFs and Cinematography –

The human brain is programmed to understand and comprehend visual information better than text messages. This has led to a rising trend in the usage of GIFs and cinematography.The trend is here to stay because it is quite efficient and does not bog down the website loading speed. If a video is shot creatively, it can garner more viewer responses and increase the visibility of a website.GIFs enable the developer to provide a richer product experience, explain a workflow, or simply provide a how to guide for users

360 Degree Video – 

The 360-degree videos are also known as immersive videos. For beginners, it is an advanced version of panoramic photography. They are special type of videos shot using an omnidirectional camera, where the view in every direction is recorded at the same time and merged together using a process called stitching. This feature is vastly used in online video marketing. The technology actually makes a person to feel as if she is physically present in the video. They are shot using special cameras or put together using specialized video editing software.

Artificial Intelligence –

Artificial Intelligence is proving to be quite handy for web developers and is going to influence the future trends in a huge way. For one thing, artificial intelligence can help developers to gauge a customer’s moods and predict his reactions thereby resulting in innovative web development trends. According to a research performed by Gartner, artificial intelligence will have an impact on 85% of customer interaction by 2020. AI based online shopping has now become the fastest growing industry only because of the advanced web development features. Integrating artificial intelligence with web development will be an essential part of the upcoming tech evolution.

Virtual Reality – 

Ever wondered how the web would look in virtual reality? A complete visual representation of all the data available in the internet. Imagine online shopping, you will be able to see the virtual image of products you want to purchase in its actual size. Does it sound like a scene from a Sci-Fi movie? Not really. In fact, you can get a sneak peak of the future of VR web at Janus browser. This is one of the breakthrough technologies as it allows people to literally feel like they have a presence in the virtual world. Some of the top contenders like Google and Mozilla have invested in this technology and are trying hard to bring out APIs through which virtual reality will make a smooth entry into the web space.

Micro – Interactions –

A good web interface must focus on human centered design. Along with enhancing the user experience, it must make your user chuckle. That’s when micro interaction comes into the picture. Micro Interactions are those minuscule tools that are very important in website design. They play a significant role in defining a product and influencing customers. It is all about including micro animation to make the interface more appealing. Including micro interaction can make even the most complicated logic behind an interface extremely simple. After all, what matters is how your user feels when interacting with your webpage. Displaying an animated graphic will make sure the user doesn’t lose interest and keep them enlightened with what’s happening in the background. For example when downloading file or when a web page is loading, seeing the progress will keep the user hooked to the website.

Javascript – 

Javascript has played a vital role in 2016 and will continue to do so in 2017.Development in the area of Javascript has resulted in further advancements in the area of virtual reality, chatbots, internet of things etc. Due to its interconnected network of frameworks, technologies, and libraries, JavaScript has long been the favorite among developers. Expected Libraries in Java Script 2017 are – D3.JS, Node.JS, RIOT.JS, keystone.JS, Chart.VS, etc.

Internet of Things –

Internet is slowly making a foray into our living rooms with this Internet of Things approach. In 2017,web developers are planning to use this trend to control human lives and homes as it can be used to turn on heating at homes remotely or even time a kettle’s setting. User expectations are only increasing exponentially with the development of this technology. Accessing everything with a click of a button in a smartphone is not very far away. Mark Zuckerberg has already established this by building his own AI- IOT based Jarvis.

Static Website Generators – 

Static Website Generators provides a great way to generate websites. These generators allow developers to churn out websites from plain text that is stored in files .They are quite beneficial for developers in terms of speed, security, deployment, traffic maintenance etc. The data is stored in flat files rather than database and makes sure the information is readily available to the user. Some of the most popular static website generators are Hugo, Jekyll, Hexo, Gatsby.

Bold Typography –

Bold Typography Big bold typography is the current trend as we can see many companies following this for their homepages. Using this kind of design will grab the user’s attention and allow them to focus on the most important thing. Developers must keep in mind that bold typography should be used along with simple and plain background to make it look clean. Developers have come up with innovative ways make their web site stand out by combining typography with videos, typography with illustrations etc.

Duotone websites – 

Gone are the days when websites were colorful and bright. Websites designed using two colors are sure to catch your eyes and is one of the upcoming trends in 2017. Using contrasting colors makes the image look more striking and jovial. Even a slight duotone makeover can lighten up a simple web design. See how internetum has used duotone to make an impression.

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