The advent of computers brought in a revolution in the lives of people. A new field of computer science called Artificial Intelligence is now all set to create waves in the industry. This field is all about making computers to think and act like humans.

John McCarthy, the father of Artificial Intelligence defines it as “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programmes”. It incorporates numerous concepts from subjects such as Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. This technology which started out on a small scale in 1980s has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years. Experts are predicting that in the near future Artificial intelligence is going to change every aspect of the industry in the same way as electrification brought about a change some 100 years ago.

Concepts of Artificial Intelligence have been successfully implemented so far in the following areas.

1. Language Processing – Computers that can understand and interpret the language spoken by humans have been developed and they have proved to be successful in interacting with humans

2. Gaming – Computers developed using the concept of Artificial Intelligence can play games such as tic-tac-toe, poker and chess and defeat humans in the process.

3. Expert Systems – These comprise of applications that combine machine, special information and software to provide appropriate advice and explanation to users.

4. Speech Recognition – Systems based on this technology can recognise human voice and communicate with them. They are also programmed to handle multiple accents, change in a human voice, noise and even slang words.

5. Handwriting Recognition – This software can recognize the shapes of letters by going through a written text and can make modifications.

6. Robots – Robots are equipped with sensors to comprehend data such as movement, sounds, temperature, light, heat, pressure etc.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

1. Accuracy – Machines based on Artificial Intelligence have the ability to provide accurate outputs and they leave no room for errors. As a result they can be substituted in place of humans in most of the industries.

2. Day to Day Life – Smartphones are some of the best examples of Artificial Intelligence. They have become an indispensable part of human lives in urban areas. Numerous Apps like Siri, Cortana and GPS which helps us to navigate easily are some of the utilities based on this technology.

3. Monotonous jobs – Some of the mundane jobs can be carried out easily using the concept of artificial intelligence. This in turn can help in cutting labour costs and is profitable in the long run for any organization.

4. Medical Field – Machines designed using artificial intelligence can simulate brain functions and is proving to be a boon for patients suffering from neurological disorders.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

1. Expensive – In the present global scenario, design and maintenance of these artificial intelligence systems is a costly affair. Need of the hour is to design cheaper machines so that they find usage in day to day life.

2. Zero Creativity – Machines based on Artificial Intelligence lack feelings and hence can never be a substitute for the human brain. As a result they are not suitable for tasks that require imagination.

3. Unemployment – The use of Artificial Intelligence in organizations can lead to unemployment as much of the human labour will be performed by machines. This can have severe repercussions in the society and can even lead to mass destruction.

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