8 reasons why you should leverage it

Social media is growing at exponentially fast pace and this is beneficial for the users, as they can express their feelings, thoughts and knowledge and more importantly it has become a place where they would should share their celebrations and happiness with their friends and relatives.

This common place creates a huge opportunity for scaling your business and there are various methods been used depending on the type of business, occasion and their goal and objective. Let us share our views why any entity/company should should have their social media presence for their business.

1. Attention of customers –

 In social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Pinterest and Instagram there are crores of potential customers who express their views and share their thoughts and engage in one or other interests. This gives advertisers a great opportunity to grab their attention and create a visibility to their brand. This is very helpful when there is a new product or service been launched and when you want to create a mass awareness and want to reach to larger audience.

2. Like the Good– 

 If you have done a post or sponsored ad in any of these social media then you can track how many of them really liked the post/ad with count and if your post is very creative and interesting you would get good number of likes and people would share the post with their group and friends. Thus it helps to reach more audience without any additional effort been spent. This is one of the key benefit of using social media as it could benefit any new company to reach larger audience with limited effort or money

3. Find your customer – target your customer-

 In social media we can find our potential customer by advertising on it, as it allows to filter based on various elements like age, location, interest, behavior and lot more depending upon which social media. Compared to traditional advertising this provides huge benefit as this allows you to laser target your potential customer and you can optimize the content according to the interest as this helps to reduce the wastage of money and time, meanwhile satisfying the customer as they have similar interest.


4. Branding helps consideration–

 After awareness and reaching large audience with post and paid advertising for target audience, now its turn for customers to consider your business, for this we need more engagement from audience likes and shares and if customer form is there it is to be filled. This helps in creating brand image, collecting data about potential customers with their engagement activities helps in re-marketing activities.


5. Social media helps viral marketing–

 Viral marketing is spreading of information by one person to other about particular product, company or service which reaches a very large audience in the short span of time. This is done in social media in the present time as it reaches very fast to an huge audience. It really works when you have an unique product or service or attractive discounts which customers really interested upon. It also helps in controlling cost and generating more number of leads.

6. Being connected with customers build loyalty– 

 Having business page on social media helps people and customers to connect with you and share each others thoughts and information and queries related to services. In the present scenario it is very important to have good online reputation management in order to maintain a healthy positive brand equity. It helps customers in a big extent as this form as channel to exhibit their bad experience which could be solved/managed here. otherwise this end up spreading the same with others which damage the reputation.

7. Leads to Conversion – Customers trust customers say- 

 Buying product/services online are majorly influenced by two things brand image and customer reviews about the product. By having social media presence, lets you have customer reviews and experience, these reviews which are positive can be showcased in your site to build trust in the minds of customer about the product. This helps in increasing the conversion for your business.


8. Increase search engine result page ranking– 

 According to Moz and Google having social media presence with more number of interactions and engagement like shares and likes and retweets helps you improve your search engine result page ranking. Thus without spending more money you would be able to rank your website in the first page, which results in more visibility or traffic for your website, which in turn results in more leads and conversion. It is necessary for businesses to be present in social media, as it also helps to know the trends and changes happening in the market and accordingly optimize with our business strategies to exist and lead in the business.

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